VAYU - Plank Flying Wing

VAYU - flying wing (blank)

The design and the aerodynamic conception of the VAYU speak a clear language. The ambitious pilot will quickly learn to appreciate the advantages of this flying wing. Everyday suitability paired with performance make the model a transport-friendly, loyal companion. The model has great dynamics and rolling agility, so flying fun is guaranteed.

Technical specifications:

Article-ID                        1040
Description                    VAYU
Span                    1300 mm

Wing area                   23,36 dm2
Weight                          from 700 g
Wing loading         30 - 35 g/dm²     
Control functions          2 channel (elevons)
Advanced flying               experience


No construction plan is required to assemble the VAYU. It is set up on a template made of poplar plywood using the plug-in box principle. Thanks to the extensive assembly instructions, the construction is quick and easy and can be carried out in just a few evenings, even for inexperienced modelers. The construction enables the wing including the upper and lower planking as well as the end strips to be built in one go. A wing distortion is almost impossible!

  • Complete laser kit
  • ransport-friendly dimensions
  • Quick Connect area protection
  • Easy power ON / OFF function
  • ntegrated chopping hook
  • Ballast option

manual pdfManual "VAYU"

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