BOO - tiny little fun slope glider

The Boo is a little fun flyer for the slope, dyke or dike. Small in size, but designed for great fun. With its transport-friendly dimensions, it can even fit in hand luggage on an airplane. The model promises fun in the smallest of spaces.

Technical specifications:

Span                    800 mm
Wing area                   7,8 dm2
Weight approx.                    ca. 150 - 200 g
Wing loading form         ab 19 g/dm²     
Control functions           4 channel (Ailerons / Elevator / Rudder)
Advanced flying               Experience


No construction plan is required to assemble the BOO. The wing is constructed on a construction board and the final assembly is carried out on a slipway made of poplar plywood. The slipway serves as an assembly aid for precisely gluing the V-tail and setting the exact EWD. All servos are located around the hull boat. The wing can either be built up in one piece or as a divisible surface.

BRequired accessories:

  • Micro receiver, 4-6 grams weight (e.g. JETI R5L / Futaba R2106GF)
  • 4 mini servos (e.g. HEPF Servo H47 or comparable 8 mm HV servos)
  • Receiver battery: Nano 2S Lipo 200 - 400 mAh (e.g. Turnigy)

For more information, please refer to our price list.

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